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  Report No. 062 - Tritium in the Environment (1979)
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Executive Summary:
Tritium, the heaviest and only radioactive isotope of hydrogen, is increasing in importance in energy and environmental considerations. This radionuclide is widely distributed throughout man's environment because of its ubiquitous form as tritiated water and its persistence in the environment. This Report considers and evaluates the available information on tritium in terms of its physical properties, production sources, physical transport, biological behavior, projected future production, waste management, and the long-term dose implications of tritium in the environment.
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  Scientific Committee:
M Eisenbud, Chairman
B Bennett
R Bianco
E Compere
E Goldberg
D Jacobs
J Koranda
A Moghissi
J Rust
J Soldat

C Bailey
J Crandell
W Grimes
W. Reinig
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