Report No. 162 - Self Assessment of Radiation-Safety Programs (2009)

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  Report No. 162 - Self Assessment of Radiation-Safety Programs (2009)
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Executive Summary:
The purpose of this Report is to provide guidance for performing self assessments of radiation-safety programs. The self-assessment process is important for all institutions that use radioactive material or radiation-generating devices. These institutions range from a college using small radioactive sources in the physics department to a large nuclear power plant complex. Of course, the extent and rigor of a self-assessment program will be tailored to the size and complexity of the radiation-safety program at the institution.

ISBN 978-0-9823843-0-5

Executive Director: DA Schauer
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  Scientific Committee:
DS Myers, Chairman

ED Bailey
CD Berger
ML Birch
SJ Engelhardt
JR Frazier
EM Goldin
KA Higley
JO Lubenau
JW Luetzelschwab
KL Miller
JW Poston, Sr.
KH Pryor
J Walkowicz
JG Yusko

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