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  Report No. 157 - Radiation Protection in Educational Institutions (2007)
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Executive Summary:
The purpose of this Report is to provide guidance for the safe use of ionizing- and nonionizing-radiation sources in educational institutions, including both teaching and research activities. Brief explanations of the terms radiation, ionizing radiation, and nonionizing radiation are given in the Glossary. To take advantage of the benefits of using radiation sources in these activities, it is necessary to provide radiation safety controls commensurate with the potential hazard. Since the sources of radiation used in many educational institutions usually produce only low radiation levels, the potential hazard to faculty, staff and students is usually correspondingly low when simple basic precautions are followed. This Report is intended primarily for those institutions that do not need a full-time radiation safety professional because the uses and radiation levels of the sources are limited. In these instances, an individual with limited expertise in radiation safety (e.g., a professor, teacher, researcher, or general safety staff member) could assume the responsibility for implementing the radiation safety program. Usually, this individual is called the radiation safety officer (RSO). This individual may have other safety responsibilities in addition to radiation safety. Full-time RSOs may also find this Report helpful.

ISBN-13: 978-0-929600-94-9

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  Scientific Committee:
Susan M. Langhorst, Chairman
Edgar D. Bailey
Mary L. Birch
Susan J. Englehardt
John R. Frazier
Eric M. Goldin
Kathryn A. Higley
Joel O. Lubenau
John W. Luetzelschwab
Kenneth L. Miller
David S. Myers
John W. Poston, Sr.
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