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  Report No. 098 - Guidance on Radiation Received in Space Activities (1989)
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Executive Summary:
Report No. 98 develops guidance on radiation exposures occurring in space activities utilizing the vast body of information on the space radiation environment and the biological effects of radiation that has developed since 1970, when the last guidelines for space exposures were promulgated. Radiation risk estimates for carcinogenesis, genetic effects and nonstochastic effects were utilized to develop risk comparisons on which career exposure limits are based. An important result of this approach is a differentiation in limits based on age and sex. Major sections of the Report treat radiation environments in space, radiation exposure to personnel, radiobiological features of the space radiation environment, and radiation protection standards in space. The Report also identifies needed research relevant to radiation exposures in space activities.
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  Scientific Committee:
R.J. Michael Fry, Chairman
John D. Boice, Jr.
Victor P. Bond
Stanley B. Curtis
Douglas Grahn
Paul W. Todd
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