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  Report No. 086 - Biological Effects and Exposure Criteria for Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (1986)
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Executive Summary:
Report No. 86 presents the results of a comprehensive evaluation of the available literature on the biological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. This Report begins with a discussion of studies of biological effects at the molecular level and continues to progressively larger scales of interaction, covering macromolecular and cellular effects, chromosomal and mutagenic effects and carcinogenic effects. The Report then goes on to treat systemic effects such as those relating to reproduction, growth and development, hematopoesis and immunology, endocrinology and the autonomic nerve function, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular effects, interaction of electromagnetic fields with the central nervous system and the special senses. The Report treats neurological effects and assesses studies relating to behavioral effects. The careful evaluation of the research studies forms the basis for the exposure criteria enunciated in the Report. These specify permissible levels, not only for individuals exposed occupationally, but for members of the general public exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation.
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  Scientific Committee:
AW Guy, Chairman
WR Adey
EL Alpen
DR Justesen
ME O'Connor
RD Phillips

ER Adair
EL Hunt
SM Michaelson
HA Ragan
C Silverman

CK Chou
RH Lovely
JF Lehmann
JAJ Stolwijk
WAG Voss
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